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Cords and Cables – What To do With Them All!

cords and cables

Over the years you’ve likely collected an array of cords and cables to devices you likely no longer have. If you’re doing some spring cleaning, here are some suggestions to deal with tech clutter in your home. You’ll feel better knowing everything is tidy and organized! What to do with extra cords and cables Can …

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Readers’ Choice – Vote for TwinBytes

Readers' Choice

It’s that time again – time to vote in this year’s Markham Economist & Sun Readers’ Choice Awards 2020. This year has been a challenge for many small businesses in our community, but as an essential service TwinBytes Inc. has been there for you through remote working situations and online schooling. We work hard to …

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Data Privacy Day – Be respectful, stay safe and establish trust

Data Privacy

January 28, 2021, is Data Privacy Day – an international initiative to spread awareness about respecting privacy, protecting data and reestablishing trust online.  The National CyberSecurity Alliance (NCSA) has set out its education goals for 2021. The theme for individuals is “Own Your Privacy.” TwinBytes stands by these messages, as we are always offering tips …

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Hire a Local IT Professional

IT professional

When you hire a local IT professional rather than someone from a large corporation, such as a big box store, you’re doing more than just solving your problem. When you support small local businesses in your own community you’re helping the owner, which in turn helps the local economy. You want to spend money where …

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2021 Resolutions – Tech Edition

2021 Resolutions

Are you afraid to make any 2021 resolutions? Were your 2020 resolutions a bust? You probably didn’t travel more, or get together with loved ones more. So, here at TwinBytes, we invite you to focus on your home technology for 2021. Because, if we’re all being honest, technology really helped us get through this difficult …

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