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Password 101: Tips and Tricks to Stay Secure


These days literally everything we do on our computers – especially online – is password protected. When it comes to protecting office computers, it’s especially important that all staff use secure passports to protect not only their machines, but the entire network. While plenty of security features can be put in place, the password truly is the first line…

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Top Tech Gifts for Father’s Day to Buy

Father's day gift

Father’s Day is tomorrow, but if you need a last minute gift idea for Dad – check out our tech-related suggestions! If he doesn’t need another necktie, get him a gadget or tech accessory for his special day. A Power Bank If your dad’s phone is always dead when he’s out and about, or his tablet runs out of…

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Tips and Tricks to Stay Healthy in an Office

office health and safety

An office environment is pretty safe compared to other types of workplaces. Most office jobs include minimal manual labour, and are generally indoor, in temperature controlled offices. That said, there are some health risks associated with working on a computer all day you need to be aware of. It’s crucial that employers educate staff on the risks and offer…

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How to Spot an Email Scam

It’s 2018, which means hackers are more sophisticated. This can be dangerous for your business, especially if you have a large network of computers. Often in an office environment, you will have employees of all ages and experience levels when it comes to technology. It’s important to train your staff on how to spot a scam. Hackers use a…

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How to modify Avast Firewall

Avast firewall is much easier to manage than AVG who they took over.  Here’s the basic instructions. How to turn the firewall on or off Open Avast anti-virus protection main Window Click on “Protection” Click “Firewall” Click the green icon which says “ON’ and it will turn off. if off and you want to turn it on, the icon…

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Microsoft Office EOL (End Of Life) support

If you didn’t know Microsoft Office software expires, you could be in trouble.  Most of us know we need to run Windows updates, but don’t always think about Office updates.  The updates patch vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to get into our networks.  Having outdated software is like having your house locked but the door can be…

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How to delete contacts from LinkedIn

Relationships change over time, and sometimes you need to part with certain contacts whether it’s personal or business relationships.  With social media, we get so many connections over time we don’t really think about if we should go through our past thousand contacts we may have and see if there are some to delete. It’s easy to do so…

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How to stop computer from going to sleep

if you need remote access to your computer for either yourself on the road or for your tech support to work on your computer, there are two things to disable.  one is the computer in general goes to sleep, the other is the hard drive shuts itself off.  I will show you how to disable both. Another note is…

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How can I protect myself from hackers?

I’ve been asked this question so many times and continue to get asked.  Now lately I’ve been asked by existing clients that we do regular maintenance for “Are we doing enough?”, “Are we doing everything we can to protect ourselves against hacker threats?” The short answer in my professional opinion is “yes, you can always do more and no,…

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