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Tech New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

New Year's resolutions

If you’re thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions for 2020, consider adding some tech related items to your list. While your health and financial situation are important, it’s okay to add some unconventional resolution to the mix. We rely so heavily on technology these days, it’s important that our computers, programs and devices are …

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Video Game Addiction: Should Parents Be Worried?

video game addiction

Video Game Addiction is  very real and can have lasting affects on children and youths. Parents don’t want to limit what their children are allowed to do in their free time, but when a hobby or activity is interfering in other aspects of the child’s life, it can have serious consequences. Kids playing video games …

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Eco-Friendly Office Tips

eco-friendly office

Do you think it’s important to create a more eco-friendly office? Let’s be honest – the climate change conversation isn’t going away.  We can all play a role in reducing waste. As technology rapidly changes, there’s pressure to get the latest and greatest. The downside of this is it creates a lot of e-waste you …

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Free Apps for your Business

smartphone screen with apps

Downloading the right apps on your business phones and tablets can really make a difference. From keeping your schedule to managing appointments to communicating with co-workers and clients, the right application can up productivity and keep you on task! While some apps cost money, there are lots of free versions of things that work just …

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Home Office Essentials

home office

Are you designing a home office for your small business? Lots of small businesses are sole proprietorships, which means you run it all on your own. This means you’re the president, vice-president, accountant and intern all rolled into one. In order to fulfill multiple roles, you will need a good computer system with the right …

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E-transfers: Convenient, but controversial

When it comes to moving money, e-transfers are the method of choice for many. With fewer people carrying cash and even fewer using cheques, it’s not surprising that online banking and interact money transfers are popular due to its convenience. That said, sometimes things that are ultra convenient to use come with other risks. You …

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