Technology to Be Thankful For

Sure , there are times when technology feels like a curse, but there’s a lot to be thankful for. For one, during these past two years technology has kept us connected with loved ones while were apart. It’s also enabled us to work from home, which kept many of us employed during a pandemic.

Sure, sometimes the printer doesn’t work, but most of the time technology does what it’s supposed to.

Let’s look at some specific examples of technology we can be thankful for these days.

Technology We’re Thankful For

  1. Video calls – What would have done during the height of the pandemic if we didn’t have Zoom, Teams or Skype? These systems allowed us to stay in touch with friends and family and allowed us to work remotely.  People used these platforms for trivia nights and other fun activities, as well.
  2. Smartphones – We all take it for granted that we have a tiny computer in our pockets! Smartphones have been around a while, but it’s worth adding them to this list. Sure, we get distracted and end up on social media too much with them, but they’ve also made keeping in touch so easy. Calls, texts, emails…it’s all there.
  3. E-transfers – Remember having to pay someone cash or with a cheque? Does anyone even have cheques anymore? Sure, there are some security risks with sending and accepting e-transfers, but as long as you’re careful about not sharing passwords, they’re relatively safe to use.
  4. Bluetooth – From speakers to connecting to your own car, Bluetooth technology allows you to go wireless with your devices.
  5. WiFi – Once upon a time, you had to connect to the internet by being literally plugged into the modem. Wireless routers were a total game-changer! They allowed users to get onto the internet from their laptops, desktops and smart devices without being plugged in.

What would be on your list of technology you’re thankful for?

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