AI Art Explained

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably already been exposed to AI art. There was a trend for a while to put your own photograph through a portal and it would spit out digital art of your face using different artistic styles. But you can make “original” art, too, using AI.

How to make AI art

AI art is generally made using text-based descriptors. This means the “artist” describes what they want the art to look like, what colours to use, what images should be present. The program then takes that description, scours a database for reference images and pulls together a cohesive image based on what you requested. AI art generators rely on real physical art and photographs to create the piece of digital art.

If you want your art to mimic the artistic style of a specific artist, you would type, “In the style of ______,” So, if you want to do a “painting” of a dog wearing a red bowtie in the style of Van Gogh, you would have to type that in the generator.


One of the major criticisms of AI art is that fact that it’s called art. Many people believe this undermines the work of real artists, including digital artists. Is this art when anyone, regardless of talent, can type in some words and get back a piece of “art?”

AI art generators use existing art to create their works, so real artists’ work is being referenced, but they get no credit or compensation for this. A lot of entry-level art jobs could be replaced by AI as a money-saving measure for companies. Artists argue that this is taking away opportunities that allow them to break into the art world and work as professional artists.

So, what do you think? Are AI art generators just fun and games, or do you think they’ll have a real impact on the industry? Is AI art even art?

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