Computer Repairs

Microsoft Certified and A+ Certified Technicians
You have the option for us to come out onsite or get remote assistance. We offer Computer Repair in Keswick Georgina and all over York Region. Call and tell us about what you need help with and we can recommend if an onsite service is needed or if we can do remotely or if you can bring to one of our locations.  We are based in Keswick Georgina.

The difference between working onsite and bringing to our shop is that you save money bringing to us to work on in our shop, and we can spend more time with the click and wait doing full scans and proper full diagnostics without you paying for us to sit around at your location waiting for a 2 hours scan to finish. Sometimes a combination of us going onsite initially to evaluate the office layout and setup which may play a factor in the issue you are having, then bringing back to our shop to work on further if needed. Sometimes we can see things in the office you wouldn’t think to mention, like for example you have your computer in a closed cabinet not allowing proper airflow and it’s overheating which explains why it’s slow and/or shutting down.

Virus Removal & Protection

Do you have anti-virus software installed? Is it up to date with the latest file definitions? Has it expired? Do you even understand what file definitions is? We can explain. It is important to keep it up to date, and if files are infected beyond automatic repair, there are tools that can be downloaded and used to get rid of the virus. Whether you are using Symantec Norton, McAfee, or some other third party anti-virus software, we can help. We usually recommend to bring your computer into our shop to do virus removals in order to do a thorough job as it involves alot of click and wait which you normally wouldn’t want to pay for during an onsite visit. We do offer onsite visits for this and all our services throughout York Region.

Spyware Removal & Protection

Is your computer running slow? Is it doing weird things that are hard to explain? You most likely have spyware infections. Spyware is such a big issue now and everyone has it to varying degrees. We can help you remove the spyware, and show you how you can protect yourself without constantly paying a technician. Similar to virus removal above, spyware, malware, adware, etc. they are all the same and you’d get the best service in full diagnostics by bringing your laptop or desktop computer into our shop.  our techs all work from home, so we don’t advertise our address on this website. Ask for our Keswick Georgina or Markham locations.

Computer Repair and Troubleshooting

Error messages, popup advertisements, slow computer, or spam getting on your nerves? We can repair computer problems and make improvements to how you are doing things currently. We’ve been known to save our clients time and money using alternative methods to what you are currently used to.

The term “computer repair” is used loosely to cover many issues and concerns. Notice how I said issues and concerns? Sometimes they are problems we need to repair/fix, sometimes they are just concerns/questions how to do something or how to do something faster and/or more efficiently.

TwinBytes offers many different services, but here’s some of the things on the repair side. The computer won’t turn on either because of a software issue with the operating system or other issues in software, or there is a problem with part of the hardware. When I say it won’t turn on, that also is used loosely by many clients. Sometimes it truly won’t power on at all, other times it powers on but won’t go into Windows, and then we fix problems were it goes into Windows but it has other issues while trying to do things.

Many of our services can be done either in our shop or onsite at your location. Please call us to explain your situation and we can make a recommendation.

Power supply problems

Power supplies are a common issue in desktop computers. If your computer won’t turn on, and there are no lights or sounds at all, chances are you have a dead power supply and need it to be replaced. It’s generally an easy fix.

If you are using a desktop computer you should have a UPS battery backup rather than just plugging your computer into the wall or a power bar. If you have a laptop, this doesn’t apply as much as you have a battery built into the laptop.

Hard drive problems

Another common hardware failure is hard drives. Hard drives can have a range of issues from a simple scan disk repair to a full out data recovery costing over $1,000 sometimes. As long as you regularly backup your data, installing a new hard drive is physically not a huge task, however reinstalling Windows, all your programs, restoring your data and re-personalizing everything is a very time consuming task. Not to mention running all the hundreds of Windows updates to get back up to date. Anti-virus isn’t the only thing to reinstall.

RAM / Memory problems

Problems arising from bad memory modules can be hard to know right away as the memory being the problem. You could be having speed issues, freezing, Windows slow to load or won’t load at all, or blue screens. These can all relate to bad memory, but could also relate to a bad hard drive. An easy way to know if your memory is good or not is run a memory scan. You can download an image from Memtest86 and burn a CD. Put that CD in your computer, reboot and let it run, you’ll know if you need to replace any memory or not. Narrowing it down to which memory module involved carefully testing one chip at a time. If you do this yourself, do it on a static sensitive bench and careful not to fry your system.

Contact us for more information on computer repairs all over York Region. Contact us for computer repairs.