Online Data Backup

Managed online backups, in Keswick Georgina

Backup your data online, automatically, and never worry about losing valuable business information ever!

There are multiple services online to backup with from FREE to cheap self run backups and annual flat rate, but if you are running a business, you need to consider a few things when it comes to online data backups.

Don’t get confused between Online backups and online storage.  See video below.

  1. Just because it’s automated doesn’t mean it can’t fail and stop backing up. If not monitored, you will never know it stopped backing up. I’ve heard it before, “I was paying monthly for this company to back up my data and one day I needed it and found out there was nothing there!”  TwinBytes offers fully managed and monitored online backups.
    2. Some online backups automatically delete files after a short period of time of it being deleted from your computer. They do this to save space (money). This is how they can offer it so cheap. If you accidentally deleted files and don’t notice right away, you’re screwed.  We offer both options if you want to save money by automatically managing backup size, or just backup everything even if deleted from your computer it will not automatically delete from the backup.
    3. The really cheap flat rate pricing on some services is for personal use only. If they find out you are using it for business, you will be forced to pay the business rates which can be astronomical! You want to be legit and stay in compliance when you are running a business.

So as per the above points, you need backups that are monitored, 100% guaranteed to never be deleted, and reasonably priced. TwinBytes can offer a backup service that covers all these areas of concern. The differences between our backup and other online backups is that we offer online managed backups. We know instantly if there is a problem, and we can address it automatically and immediately, without any interference from yourself. So you can rest easily knowing your backups are handled.  Other online backups require you to be the one to monitor and manage them yourself.

The prices from some companies for these online backups range from $1-$2 per GB(Gigabyte) per month.  TwinBytes is offering our online managed backup at competitively lower rates.  Give us a call and we can help you calculate how much data you need to backup and get you a proper quote. There is no setup fee and no long term contracts.

Flat rate for personal use.

The one problem with these flat rate services are they are not managed, so if you are planning to manage the backups yourself and ensure they are being done, this maybe for you.  If you do need someone to manage and monitor it, then check our managed IT service

Backups are automated and run in the background at a scheduled time that works for you, so not to slow you down while you work.  Once it is setup, you forget it and move on with your business or personal life never having to worry about whether or not backups are done, and stored offsite in the unlikely event of a fire, theft, flood, cyber security breach or other natural disaster.

Local USB Backups

If you have too much data to backup online, it might be cheaper to backup to a USB drive. These backups still need to be monitored by someone and if you are not monitoring yourself, TwinBytes can do it for you via email alerts.  Should there be a failure, we would notify you and you may take action yourself or we can assist as necessary.

Note: The only way to confirm backups are working is to monitor them.  Either check yourself or have someone check for you regularly. If it’s a business this is even more critical to monitor and manage backups daily.  How much is your data worth to you?  How much money would you lose if you lost your data and it was completely irretrievable?  How bad would it be if you lost a month, a week, or even just a day?

Here’s a great video that explains one of the major reasons to stay on top of regular backups.

Ask to help you with quoting what is required for your backup solution. Call us to learn more about our online data backup services and managed data backup.

Be sure to ask as about the difference between File backups versus Image backups, versus bare metal backups.