Technology Consultant

Computer Consultant:
Technology Advice and consulting for Georgina businesses

Do you want to have control of your computer systems, but still need some guidance? We can help you in your planning and implementation, and we can show you how to monitor and manage it all on your own. We will help you only as much as you want us to help; no more, and no less. Unless of course, you tell us otherwise.

Technology is evolving quickly and it is not about to slow down. When it comes to business you want to be successful; and to be as successful as you possibly can, you need to try to take advantage of every piece of technology that is available. With the amount of options out there today, this is where a local computer consultant will come in handy.

Although there is a price attached to most software, there are free alternatives to many programs that may work for small start-up businesses. Then there are very good lower cost alternatives or better custom built options. A good computer consultant can help sort through all these options and find the right solution for you.

Hardware can be equally challenging to find the best option. We offer consulting for hardware, software, networking solutions, smart phones including Blackberry’s, Androids and iPhones. We have experience with POS terminals unique to salons and retail, plus various accounting and contact management applications including QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Sage ACT and Maximizer.

At TwinBytes Inc. we help you sort through all the technology chaos that is out there, and help you get the right technology in place to put you ahead of the game. When you have technology working for you, you will stay on course and can enjoy the rewards. Our technology consulting services will help you find the right solutions that will allow you to be more productive, more in control and that will allow you to be more successful and sleep better at night knowing you have the right technology in place to allow you to reach your goals.

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