Tips to Avoid Losing Your Data

It’s Halloween, which means we’re tackling a particularly spooky subject…data lose! I know, nothing is more frightening than the thought of losing all your files. Whether it’s due to a failing system or a menacing computer virus, losing everything stored on your hard drive is tough.

Alas, we’re gong to teach you to be the hero in this horror film and come out victorious. Follow these tips and tricks and your files will be saved!

5 Ways to Save Your Data

The best way to not lose your files is to take preventative measures, so many of our tips are things you can be doing now to prevent data loss.

  1. Ensure your anti-virus software is up-to-date. Yes, quite often files are erased due to a computer virus infiltrating your system. Catch it and destroy it before it gets to your data.
  2. Backup your files! Yes, you need to backup your files to multiple places (with encryption). Use an external drive and cloud storage to back up files, but make sure they’re in a safe place.
  3. Keep your computer clean! Dust is the enemy! Make sure you blow out any dust gathering.  Keeping your computer clean will prevent it from overheating.
  4. Back up your photos at the first sign of trouble. If there are signs that your hard drive is failing, you’re going to want to save your photos and images. Get them onto an external drive or into the cloud.
  5. Never leave your laptop unattended. Sometimes files aren’t destroyed due to hard drive failure or viruses at all. Sometimes you lose your data because someone steals your physical computer or hard drive. If your working in a coffee shop, never leave your computer or tablet on the table while you use the washroom.

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for scary things to happen! So, follow these tips and you can prevent data loss and theft.

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