Data Recovery

After the crash!

At our Keswick Georgina Data recovery location we offer:

  • The most affordable data recovery service in York Region
  • FREE evaluation
  • No charge if no data recovered
  • Customer privacy and confidentiality

We can recover data from a desktop, laptop or external hard drives that are:

  • Deleted or formatted drives and partitions
  • Not being detected in the BIOS.
  • Corrupt or damaged email database
  • Not accessible. FAT table damaged. etc.
  • The computer just won’t start for you to do a backup from and you don’t know what to do.We recover data for a flat rate which is guaranteed. If we don’t get your data back, you don’t pay us a dime. Call now for a quick phone evaluation and quote. Sometimes people think they need a data recovery but what they really need is just a simple backup worth $65 because Windows isn’t working. Other times it can be a physical failure which means it requires to go into the clean room and can cost over $1,000. Some labs charge $3,000 but because our lab has lower overhead, we can pass on those savings to you.We can do an evaluation over the phone with a rough estimate, but to get a proper estimate we need to have the hard drive in our shop. (855) 777-TWIN. We can get a quote for data recovery usually in 24 hours.

Be Prepared!

We can help you implement a good backup system no matter how simple or complex it might be. Any backup is better than no backup. Are you sure you are backing up everything? Are you sure it was successful? Are you using CDs when you could be upgrading to DVDs, tapes or external hard drives and save you time and hassle? How long would it take you to get up and running if you crashed today? Do you have all your disks in one place? Do you have a list of all passwords, serial numbers, supplier contact info so you know who to call to get activation numbers, etc.?

Most people don’t think about this until it’s too late and they need it immediately. We can help. Call and ask for a complete disaster plan. Try to avoid requiring data recovery all together.

October 26 2015
I highly recommend Daniel at TwinBytes for any computer assistance! After my hard-drive failed and showed up empty on a hard-drive reader, I was told by several other companies that it was un-repairable and would need to be taken to a clean room to retrieve any data (if I was lucky). I had very important data on my hard-drive and Daniel was able to retrieve 90% at a fraction of the price compared to what I was quoted elsewhere. The turn-around time was also a lot faster, and I was back up and running within a few days! Daniel was very attentive and professional and I will be using TwinBytes moving forward for any computer related assistance.
Thank you Daniel!

Michelle Taylor
CPG Connect
Reviewed on Google

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