Virus, Spyware, Malware and Hack Removal

TwinBytes, your virus removal company, can help remove virtually all virus, spyware and malware type infections without having to format and reinstall Windows. Occasionally there is no other way, but there is a lot that can be done to avoid this. The best thing is to stay educated as much as possible in this area and practice preventative action yourself as an end user. Below is some helpful information to stay preventative and possibly remove the current infections you have now.

Virus removal is becoming more complicated as time goes on. The creators of these viruses are getting smarter and making it harder for the average person to know if it is a virus or a safe link to click on and install. Some software installation instructions actually tell you to disable your anti-virus during install because it could block it. That should make you think twice about installing that software.

Some legitimate software programs will certainly be detected as viruses but usually they are technicians using them as diagnostic tools, and we know what we are doing with them, so it’s OK to install. The anti-virus programs are getting more complex to fight off the infections that it makes are computers a bit slower and can sometimes cause problems. This is one reason why people have to keep upgrading their computers.

In order to stay protected, you need to keep your anti-virus program updated as well as the daily virus definitions have to be current. Then there are Windows updates, Adobe, Java and Flash player updates are common that need to be done regularly. Just having a good virus protection program isn’t enough anymore. This is why TwinBytes offers monthly maintenance for businesses.

Avast Anti-Virus & Virus Removal Tools

There are several anti-virus programs on the market you can buy. TwinBytes recommends Avast. Here’s a couple of links to Avast main website and their cleanup tool which can help you be more preventative.  If you prefer a managed virus protection with business grade protection, you can read more about our managed protection here, and then contact us to setup your account.

Avast Free for personal use
Avast Cleanup tool

In addition to having a current antivirus and running your Windows updates regularly as they are available, you should also ensure you have the latest version of all other software, including, but not limited to the software listed below which most people have.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash

If you would like help in doing any of this, please contact us and arrange for either onsite service or you can bring into our shop. We are experts in virus removal, hack removal, spyware removal and malware removal.