How Everyday People Interact with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence sounds so futuristic, but the reality is that this technology is used quite regularly for very basic things. You have likely interacted with A.I. at least once, if not more.

We truly are living during an exciting time. And while the term Artificial Intelligence might sound scary, the typical applications are quite mundane and inoffensive.

So, let’s look at how everyday people interact with A.I. The answers might surprise you.

How Everyday People Interact with Artificial Intelligence

  1. Chat Bots/Virtual Assistants – Yep, you know that chat boxes that pop up when you open a website? Those aren’t all manned by real humans…well, at least not at first. If you have an issue or a question for a business, the bot will first try to decipher your needs based on your answers to a series of questions. It will attempt to solve your problem without human interaction. However, if your issue is complex, you will be transfer to a real person.
  2. Siri, Google and Alexa – When you ask your phone or your smart speaker a question and they “answer” you are not talking to a real person, that is in fact artificial intelligence. Whether you’re asking for the weather or directions, the answer is coming from a computer trained to answer using data from the internet. This is probably the most common way that people interact with A.I. technology.

Will Machines Replace Humans


Yes, computer software can be trained to learn things and dig for information, it lacks commonsense. And while artificial intelligence will automate some processes, it will never fully replace human beings. Using A.I. allows companies to free up time and make things easier for users. Rather than waiting three hours on the phone to talk to a human, a chat bot might be able to solve your problem in a matter of minutes. And the humans will still be there when needed, it’s just another layer of help to make things better for you.

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