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E-transfers: Convenient, but controversial

When it comes to moving money, e-transfers are the method of choice for many. With fewer people carrying cash and even fewer using cheques, it’s not surprising that online banking and interact money transfers are popular due to its convenience. That said, sometimes things that are ultra convenient to use come with other risks. You …

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Work Remotely Safely: Security that Works Where you are

If you work remotely, say in a coffee shop or hotel when on the road, you want the same level of security you get when connected to your home network. Avast Business CloudCare Security has VPN access (virtual private network) giving you peace of mind that your documents and web activity is secure. When using …

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The Aging Challenge isn’t So Innocent

Phone screen with facebook app

Over the weekend you may have noticed some of your friends participating in the “Aging Challenge” on social media. If you’re unfamiliar with this challenge, it’s where you post a photo of yourself digitally manipulated to age you to a senior citizen. How are your friends, family members, co-workers and casual acquaintances doing this? An …

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