Online Job Search Tips

In our last blog, we highlighted a major online job search tool – LinkedIn. It inspired us to go beyond that and dive into the whole online job searching world.

The days of dropping off or mailing a paper copy of your resume are over. Even many retail stores are going digital in their recruiting and onboarding efforts. While it might seem simple, you want to be able to stand out among the other applicants, which can be hard when there are hundreds just like you vying for the same position.

Online Job Search Tips

Go straight to the source

Rather than relying on third-party sites, such as Indeed, take your job search directly to the employer’s website. You can use Indeed as a search tool, but always visit the organization’s website and job board and apply from there.

Beat the system

Many large organizations use applicate tracking systems. This means they can program it to search your resume for keywords related to the role to help filter candidates.

How do you beat the system? The best way is to look at the language used in the job ad. Try to incorporate terms and phrases directly from the ad in your resume and cover letter.  This way you have a better chance of making it through to the first round of reviews.

Think small and local

Worried about being lost in a sea of applicants at a big corporation? Consider the little guy. Don’t be afraid to apply at smaller local businesses. Quite often you get better pay and a more unique experience with a smaller company.

Local businesses likely don’t use software to process resumes, so you have a better chance of someone actually reading your full application this way.

Keep your social clean

Sure, you have a professional looking LinkedIn, but what about your other social media sites? Keep them locked down as private accounts or clean up the content. Remove inappropriate photos and links. Make sure your profile picture is appropriate, too, because even if your account is private, people can still see your main photo.

Review all your social content with a critical eye. If you wouldn’t want your mother to see it, you probably wouldn’t want your potential employer to see it, either.

Don’t wait for the application deadline

Sure, it says you have until the end of the month to apply, but why put it off? The employer might be reviewing resumes already and setting up interviews. It’s always a good idea to apply as soon as possible when you see a job ad.

Network online

Whether you’re building your network through social media, such as LinkedIn, or if you’re seeking out others on niche sites related to your field, it’s good to have a social presence online. Since the pandemic, many people have been using more and more virtual tools to network. Discussions and meet-ups can happen over Zoom, for example. It will really aid in your job search if you expand your circle.

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