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How Everyday People Interact with Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence sounds so futuristic, but the reality is that this technology is used quite regularly for very basic things. You have likely interacted with A.I. at least once, if not more. We truly are living during an exciting time. And while the term Artificial Intelligence might sound scary, the typical applications are quite mundane …

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What Is BeReal: The Latest Social Craze Explained


Soon the kids will be heading back to school and they’ll be talking to their friends about the latest social media platforms, such as BeReal. Parent’s are often the last people to know what’s “cool” in the social space. Platforms, such as Facebook, are old hat and don’t draw the attention of young people like …

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Don’t Fall for a Phishing Scheme


Most of us have received phishing emails, texts or social media messages that on the surface look like they are from a legitimate sender. They look like they’re from a bank, a courier company or even a streaming service, like Netflix or Disney+. While these emails are getting more sophisticated, there are ways to tell …

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How to Make Videos of Your Computer Screen

computer screen

Want to make instructional videos capturing your computer screen? It’s easy when you have the right tools. In this post, we’ll tell you the software and hardware you’ll need to make quality videos. This information will be valuable for anyone looking to make how-do videos or demonstrations for a website or YouTube. What you Need …

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Dark Mode Explained

Dark mode

People use dark mode for a variety of reasons. Some say it reduces eye strain, others just think it looks cool. The fact is, there is no proof that using a dark background with light text is beneficial in any way. However, there are some theories as to why it’s the preferred mode for many …

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Anti-Virus Software: Why You Need it


You might be wondering why you still need anti-virus software in 2022? Haven’t we solved this problem? The answer is no. There are still plenty of internet viruses out there that can do serious damage to our systems.  Don’t risk losing everything! Viruses and malware are still prevalent. Hackers are always coming up with new …

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