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Tips for keeping your Kids Safe on Social Media

social media

For a lot of kids, especially during this pandemic, social media is how they interact with their friends and peers. And while the social aspect of it is good, parents do have a lot to be concerned about when it comes to safety and privacy. Children are vulnerable online and it’s important to protect them …

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Work Remote: 5 Benefits


For many, working remote is a temporary solution to a current problem. But what if it wasn’t temporary? Many office workers are contemplating a switch to working from home permanently, or at least a hybrid solution. While the traditional office has its benefits, there is much to be said for working remotely from home. We’re …

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10 Facts about Microsoft


Like it or not, Microsoft has shaped the way we use computers and interact with technology. We’ve all used it to simplify our daily lives – from word processing to operating our entire computer! While some of these facts might be known to you, others might be surprising. 10 Interesting Facts about Microsoft 1. The …

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YouTube Video Roundup


Looking for a tech related video? TwinBytes has a YouTube channel where we upload weekly tech related videos.  Maybe one of our videos will help you solve a computer problem you’re having at home. Here are five of our latest videos to get you started! Choose a video that speaks to you! How to test …

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