Onsite Computer Services

We provide onsite computer services as well as in-shop repairs in our Keswick home based shop.  Virus removals, physical repairs including hard drive replacement, power supplies, memory upgrades, cracked screens on laptops, etc. all are done in our shop. Our In-Shop rate is less than our onsite rate because we are saving gas, travel time, and we can multi-task better. We also don’t charge for the actual time it takes to do the job, we charge more of a flat rate. Based on the hour, guaranteed by the job.

Our onsite services in Georgina are great for issues that involve more than just your stand alone computer or laptop. Things such as networking, sharing printers and files, getting your wireless setup, reconfigured or fixed.

Small business services including networking, office moves, setting up new printers, computers, wireless networks, limiting access to websites such as blocking Facebook, Youtube, MSN Chat and other social networking where your employees are wasting company time. We can also setup employee monitoring where you can monitor employee activity in stealth mode if you don’t want them to know about it. Or you can setup monitoring and make that part of your employment standards telling your staff to be careful what they surf and personal emails at work, etc as they are being monitored. It’s your choice how you want it setup.

If you’re not sure how you want your business setup or maintained technology wise, you can hire us for a consultation and we can provide the information you need to help you make good decisions.

We also provide residential service for personal computers. Some people work from home and it’s a thin line between personal computer and business use, but we can service the computers just the same, with the same level of respect for privacy, ensuring backups are done before any dangerous repairs are attempted, and there’s almost always a little bit of training to some extent when the job is done. We explain what was done and answer questions as to what you can do to continue keeping things running better yourself.

We never just finish the job and leave without so much as even saying “Bye” or “OK, we’re done.” We’ve heard horror stories of technicians just leaving the house or business when the job was done, and the customer didn’t even know that the technician had left. They just noticed all of a sudden they weren’t there anymore. They must have either gotten paid in advance and took off or they don’t care to get paid right away? Either way, it’s disrespectful, and we always make sure we do more than just say bye as we walk out the door. We have a short conversation with you, if you have the time, and explain whatever needs explaining, making sure you are happy before we leave.

If you’re running a business, ask us for a free onsite meeting so we can get to know your business better so we know what we are getting into, and so you have an opportunity to get to know us, and what we are able to do for you. This way, we both know we are a good fit for each other before making any commitments.

We’d like to be your IT company in Keswick Georgina that can help you with all your IT repair needs. IT services provide for residential and business whether it’s IT support for fixing issues, preventative maintenance, training or setting up something new. Call TwinBytes for all your IT needs including onsite computer services.