Laptop Repair Services

We fix physical problems with laptops as well as software related problems for most brand names in our Keswick Georgina location.

At our laptop repair shop we understand the unique repair issues with laptop computers. Laptops are portable, so they get more abuse than a regular desktop computer. You may not know that leaving a laptop running on a sofa, bed, or other material surface that is not flat can block the vents on the bottom of the laptop causing it to overheat; and heat can kill a laptop.

Kids can easily knock a laptop on the floor, spill something on it or cause damage other ways with their creative minds. Even pets like big dogs can knock your laptop creating physical damage. No matter what the issue is you need help with, we can help.

Some of the types of laptop repairs we do include but are not limited to:

Repairing laptop LCD screen, whether they are cracked, lines going through the screen, blobs of colour, or the screen just doesn’t light up anymore.

Laptop Keyboard replacement if missing keys, or just not working after spilling a drink on the keyboard.

Hinge repair / replacement if your laptop was dropped or stepped on and the lid won’t open and close properly anymore or won’t hold the screen open by itself properly. We can fix it.

DC Jack repairs are necessary sometime if you are not getting power to the laptop anymore and you already tried another power supply. The DC Jack is the part of the laptop where you plug your power cable into the computer. That little piece is sometimes soldered on the motherboard and involves un-soldering then re-soldering on a new DC jack. We recommend not leaving your laptop plugged in unnecessarily in a location where the cable can be easily tripped by young children or a dog running around. They can rip the power cable out of the laptop so fast and on an angle so it damages the DC jack.

You could have a physical issue with the keyboard, mouse pointer, or monitor. or you could have a software issue or simply want to upgrade. Give us a call and let’s talk about. Just bring your laptop into our shop, we can see at a glance usually what is wrong and what parts need to be ordered. We can then give you a proper quote so you can decide if you want to go ahead with the repair or not. Our services are all professionally done with your computer treated like gold and we honor all our service guarantees that you are satisfied with the repair.

We work from home in Keswick Georgina and also have a technician in Markham.  We don’t advertise our address, but will provide when you call for service.  See here for our contact details.