How to Make Videos of Your Computer Screen

Want to make instructional videos capturing your computer screen? It’s easy when you have the right tools. In this post, we’ll tell you the software and hardware you’ll need to make quality videos.

This information will be valuable for anyone looking to make how-do videos or demonstrations for a website or YouTube.

What you Need to Make Videos of your Computer Screen


Rather than relying on your computer’s built-in microphone, get a USB microphone. This way you can record yourself speaking over the video so you can explain what is going on. You want clear sound, so make sure you get a quality one. It doesn’t have to be expensive.


In order to grab video of your screen, you will need special software. One available for a reasonable cost is called “Snagit.” It allows you to capture video and still images of your screen. It also comes with editing features, so you can trim down your videos if needed.

The software is easy to use, so you don’t need to be a professional to use it. Simply click on the video tab, click “capture,” and outline what part of your computer screen you’d like to record and click “record.”

External Hard Drive

Videos can take up a lot of space on your computer. Having an external SSD backup drive can really help. The drive will plug into your USB and you can save it directly or drag and drop the files into it.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you have something you want to share with an audience, consider starting a YouTube Channel. Read our blog on the topic HERE.

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