Tech Ideas for Kids this Summer

The school year is once again coming to a close, so tech classes and extracurriculars will be ending as well. So, what should you do with your inquisitive child this summer break?

Smart kids can get bored easily when their minds aren’t challenged enough. They aren’t happy to just sit on the beach, they want to be building a sand castle.

In order to keep their minds sharp, here are a few tech related ideas for keeping your kids busy this summer.

Tech Ideas for your Kids this Summer

  1. STEAM Camp.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. While some children might see this as school in the summer, kids who love this kind of stuff will thrive in s STEAM camp.  Kids gain access to the latest technology to complete projects both individually or as a group. While most STEAM camps are run by certified teachers, it’s not school. It’s still meant to be a fun environment for kids who need a little bit of extra stimulation during the summer break. Check out The Steam Project in York Region.
  2. Build a robot. Check out stores like Mastermind Toys to find robot building kits for kids. This is the perfect summer project for children who like to build things and are interested in how things work. The kits can range from simple to complex, depending on the age of your child. This could be a fun thing that a parent can do with the child.
  3. Learn to Code. There are plenty of online resources available to teach kids how to write code. There are even camps and in-person courses. Computer programming languages might seem complex, but for a child who’s already interested in tech, it’s something they could easily pick up. Who knows, this could help with their future career.
  4. A tech subscription box. There are plenty of subscription box kits you can get for kids that include little projects they can build and work on at home. You could opt for a one-time box or subscribe for the year if they end up liking it.  This can start in the summer, but continue on throughout the year.
  5. Computer games and apps. While you don’t necessarily want your kids in front of a screen all summer, there’s no harm in a bit of educational fun. Download some STEAM related games and apps onto a computer, phone or tablet to give your kid something to do when they’re bored. There will be long car rides and rainy days where these games will come in handy.

How do you entertain your tech-loving children?

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