Apps to Use when You Travel

Now that you might be feeling more confident about travel again, you may need a bit of guidance. Your smartphone is a good resource, allowing you to navigate and such, but there are more apps than just maps.

Travel the world with your device using some helpful apps designed to make travel easier and more fun.

5 Travel Apps to Help Guide You


The TripIt Travel Planner puts all your bookings in one place, giving your a complete itinerary. Have your flight, accommodations, rental car and more all in one convenient place.


Are you terrible at packing? Do you take too much or not enough? Enter your destination, your length of stay and travel dates and it will help you create a useful packing list. Download Packpoint before any trip and never haul around useless stuff again.


Are you outdoorsy? When you’re in a new place, you might not know where the best hiking trails are. Use the Alltrails app to discover something new! Great for camping, or if you like to go on a run while you’re travelling, find a good place to get in those miles.


Your  map app might show you the most common route to reach your destination, but will it be the fastest in the moment? The Waze app will help you navigate unfamiliar streets to get to where you want to go faster.  There could be a car crash ahead, bad traffic and more – Waze will tell you about it to help you get there on time.

OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me

Find and book at table at 52,000 restaurants around the globe using the OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me app. Don’t go hungry when travelling. find a place nearby, make a reservation and voila! It’s so easy.

What apps do you rely on when you’re travelling?

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