Dark Mode Explained

People use dark mode for a variety of reasons. Some say it reduces eye strain, others just think it looks cool. The fact is, there is no proof that using a dark background with light text is beneficial in any way. However, there are some theories as to why it’s the preferred mode for many smartphone and laptop users.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a setting on smartphones (iPhone and Android) and some laptops. It’s a setting on many apps and programs, too. Basically, instead of the traditional white screen with black (or dark) text – which was designed to mimic paper – you get a dark screen with white text.

What are the supposed benefits of Dark Mode?

Like we said at the top, some believe that the dark setting relieves eye strain. This could be because less blue light is being emitted. Dark mode is also said to be easier to read at night. You can also stay up reading you device without disrupting your partner who’s sleeping.

Some also claim that the dark setting saves their battery life. However, this might not be true for all devices.

The Downside of the Dark Side

While many claim it’s a game changer, not everyone is on board. Some say it’s actually harder to read things this way – especially in bright light. White text on a black background can sometimes look distorted. This can actually cause more eye strain for some.

Apps with Dark Settings

You can switch a bunch of your apps over to Dark Mode. You just have to go into the settings. Most devices come with Light Mode as the default setting.

Apps and Programs with Dark Settings:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Microsoft Word

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