Why Is My Computer Slow?

In a recent video, TwinBytes Owner/Operator Daniel Gauthier dives into the many possible reasons why your computer might be slow.  He breaks in down into four sections: Software, hardware, heat and internet.

In this blog, we’re going to do a very brief overview of each section to help you self-diagnose any issues you might be having.

Why is my Computer Slow?


One common reason why your computer might be running slow is the software. There are  many possible culprits. In many cases, you might just have too many programs and files. This will require a major cleanup. You can delete files and programs and apps you no longer use. You can also reinstall your operating system.


Your hard drive could be full or it could be failing. You might also need to install more RAM on your computer. If your hard drive is dying, you will want to back up your files immediately.


Your PC hates heat!  If you’ve ever picked up a laptop after you’ve used it for a while you notice how hot it feels. The same goes for a desktop computer. The tower can overheat if it cannot cool down properly. Your computer will have a built-in fan. If your computer is slow, make sure you check that the fan is spinning properly. If it stops suddenly or doesn’t spin freely, you will need to replace it. You also need to be careful of dust. Dust can get in your computer and cause it to overheat. Use canned air to blow out any dust.

The Internet or Your Network

Sometimes it’s your internet that’s actually slow. First, check your network cable. is it bent or kinked? That could slow things down. You might also have a slow internet connection. Try rebooting your modem or router. There are ways of checking your internet speed.

For more information , watch the full video. Linked above.

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