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Hard drives in copiers and scanners?

Identity theft alert! Photo copiers, printers, scanners have hard drives in them just like a computer. Every document you print, scan, or fax, could be stored on a hard drive inside your copier. When you decide to get rid of it, there could be a hard drive in there with all your information for someone to steal. Watch the…

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How to clean up your hard drive

A simple solution to some major problems I’ve fixed in the past is by simply clearing up your hard drive a bit. I was emailed a question how how to clean up the hard drive and here’s my tip for you. 1. Run Add/Remove programs and uninstall any program you no longer need or use. The less programs you…

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PCL vs. Host based printer

What’s the difference between a host based printer and a PCL printer? PCL is an acroynm for Printer Command Language. You can see a lot of detail on PCL history going back as far as 1984 on Wikipedia website. These printers have their own processor and can printer faster among other things. Host based printers are older types that…

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Microsoft Windows XP Release dates

Even though Windows XP is coming to an end and no support will be available, there are going to be computers with XP for a long time yet to come and people will be trying to support them and keep them alive for a long time still. So in repairing or reinstalling Windows, you need to know what Service…

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How to make Windows games visible in Windows 7 Pro

If you have the new Windows 7 Ultimate you will see a games explorer with lots of games including the usual Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts and FreeCell. If you have the Windows 7 Professional edition or less, you will find that the games are missing from the games explorer window. This is good for business so employees don’t play around,…

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When is Windows XP being retired / discontinued

Microsoft has extended the reitrement date of Windows XP at least once already. Currently anyone can still purchase Windows XP at some retail outlets, so sales is not discontinued yet. Support will continue for some time aftwards, meaning, you can download Windows updates and patches to fix issues with Windows XP. Even after updates are no longer available, it…

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