DNS Changer infection

There is much going around all the news sites about a DNS changer infection.  It’s real.  This is something to check out.  DNS is part of your network settings that tells your computer how to communicate on your local network and Internet.  You may have a problem with Internet being down now because of this, or it could be working fine and you are still infected because you are currently relying on one of the governments backup DNS servers to keep you up and running.  This has been reported to have affected over 300,000 computers including a good chunk of fortune 500 companies.  With almost everything being webbased now, many companies could be screwed and many IT companies, such as mine, will most likely get tons of phone calls.

Apparently July 9th is the cut off date when the backup DNS servers will no longer be running, so if you are still using the backup servers because you haven’t checked if you have been infected yet and fixed it, your internet will go down on Monday July 9th.

http://www.dcwg.org has alot of information about it.

http://www.dns-ok.ca is where canadians can go to check if they have been infected.  If you have multiple computer, check on each computer.  For other countries, check out http://www.dcwg.org/detect/ for a list of the various websites you can visit for checking if you were infected by this DNS Changer.