Apple is the new Microsoft

I can’t believe it!  Apple won the case against Samsung for copyright infringement and is awarded over $1 Billion!  There’s a lot of opinions and comments on the news articles online but if you read them it’s interesting.  A Lot of people are clueless and blindly say “yay for Apple, they’re better”.  But then you learn that Apple needs the help of other manufacturers to build their iPhone and iPad.  If Apple is relying on Samsung to build their screens, they will need to find a new manufacturer because now they just burnt bridges with a supplier.

Eventually Apple will bury themselves by burning too many bridges.  What Apple has done now will lower our choices for Smart Phones and Tablets and will drive prices up.  They are making innovation more challenging and basically becoming the new Microsoft.  Microsoft was called the “monopoly” for years, but they always had their software and hardware designed to play nice with everyone.  Apple, right from the beginning, has always designed their hardware and software to not play nice with everyone.  This makes their operating system more stable and reliable, but it reducing flexibility in what software you can install on it and where you can get your Apple products serviced.

I never liked Apple for the way they do business and I dislike them even more now.  This is only my personal opinion, but business is business, and Apple may have won this fight but at the rate they are going, they will lose the war.  All the other companies will join forces and target Apple to bring them down.  Just like any other war.  You gotta learn to not piss people off and fly just under the radar.

What’s your opinion?  I know you are dying to write.

UPDATE: See our newer article, Samsung stricks back.  🙂