Outlook 2010 – Resizing images before sending

How to re-size an image/picture in Microsoft Outlook 2010 before sending the email?  I will show you two ways.

First method is less options available to you.  Basically create a new email as you normally would and attach your photo.  Now, click on File and choose (re-size large images when I send this message).
Click the message tab at the top to go back to your email and now you can send it when you are ready.  This is the only two options here, but it keeps it simple.

The second method gives you more options.  Instead of going to your email, you would go to where your pictures are located and right click on the picture or group of pictures (Hold down Control and click each picture to select multiple pictures at once).  When you right click you select “Send to” and then “mail recipient”.

You will get a window pop-up as shown below.  You get a drop down menu that gives you five options.  Smaller 640×480, small 800×600, medium 1024×768, large 1280×1024, and original.

Choose your preferred size, and click Attach.  You will then be directed to your email program with a new email window and pictures attached with your selected size.

You can now type your email and send it.  Done!