Password protect your list of passwords using Excel

If you own a computer you probably have Internet access, which means you probably have tons of passwords to remember.  Obviously you write them down somewhere.  You can write them on paper in a booklet and store it in your desk, but someone could steal it if they go in your desk.

The other thing people do is write it in a Word Document or Text Notepad file and save it on their desktop.  This is not safe because if they get a virus or someone hacks their computer, all their passwords are conveniently in one place in a plain text document.

What you need to do is either get a software program that password protects all your passwords, or use Excel.  Using the Excel version 2010 you can password protect your document.

So, to do this, you would click File and on the “Info” section on the left, (which is highlighted by default), you click on “Protect Workbook”.

A drop down menu appears and you can click “Encrypt with Password”.  You will be prompted for a password and to enter it again confirming your password.  Read the fine print during these steps.  If you forget your password, you’re screwed.  Save the document and you are done.

Now there are always ways of hacking just about anything, and eventually someone may find a way to hack Excel 2010 easily, but this would be why it’s important to keep your software up to date.

You could buy other software that manages your passwords and you would assume since you paid for it, that it’s better protection.  It’s only as good as the programmer and how current the software is.  You need to remember hackers are always looking for new vulnerabilities, and so software vendors need to keep looking for new patches to correct this security holes.

If you have other software you like that manages your passwords and can list them for viewing and not just for automatic login, please post your comments below.