AI Music: The Controversy

Just like other AI topics such as art, AI music is a controversial subject right now. We’re existing in a world right now where almost anyone can create something that looks like it was created by someone else. You can create art that looks like a Van Gogh, just by typing into a description box. While this seems to show the incredible power of technology, it’s making artists and creators wary. Musicians are the latest creative group to be targeted by Artificial Intelligence. Popular artists such as Drake and Travis Scott have had their sounds and voices replicated by AI to create deep fakes of their music.

What is AI Music?

It is music produced using special software that analyzes existing music to create “new” songs based on criteria entered in by the user. Like other AI creators, the music generators rely on a pool of existing sounds and voices to then make something new that sounds like it could have been made by an existing artist.

A Copyright Grey Area

Unfortunately, copyright laws are iffy when it comes to AI generated music. Some artists, and certainly record labels (who put in a lot of money to back these artists) are unhappy that their unique voices and sounds are being copied and put on streaming platforms. There has been some success in getting songs taken down.

Universal Music Group has gone as far as to call AI music “Fraud.” They have asked popular streaming services Spotify and Apple Music to ban it.

Other musicians and producers have embraced the trend and say AI is the future of music.

What Do You Think of AI Music?

Is AI music simply a new method to create? Or is fraudulent –  allowing everyday people to create sounds and voices that aren’t their own for financial gain? Is AI the death of creative work?

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