YouTube Video Roundup

Looking for a tech related video? TwinBytes has a YouTube channel where we upload weekly tech related videos.  Maybe one of our videos will help you solve a computer problem you’re having at home.

Here are five of our latest videos to get you started!

Choose a video that speaks to you!

How to test memory ram windows 10

Don’t use a 3rd party utility to test your memory ram in Windows 10.

Can you use Windows 10 without activating

This quick video shows the limitations of using Windows 10 for free. What are you missing out on? Find out here.

Gmail shows using more storage than Outlook calculates

Do you use Outlook to manage your Gmail account? Gmail might be warning you that your inbox is nearly full, but Outlook says you have plenty of space. What does this mean?

How to shrink PST file after deleting emails

Deleted emails, but still have a full PST (Personal Storage Table) file? We can show you how to shrink it in Outlook.

Fix Windows 10 wont boot

What do you do if Windows 10 won’t boot up? Force close your computer a couple of times to activate the repair software.

There are five examples of YouTube videos that help you solve common computer problems.

Interested in making your own YouTube channel? We have several blogs on the topic. We have an article on starting a YouTube channel in general and one about choosing the right camera and equipment to make video content with.

If none of these answered your most pressing tech related questions, please contact us at TwinBytes today and owner Daniel will help you solve your problem!