Starting a YouTube Channel: What do you Need?

Last blog, we wrote about starting a podcast, this time we are writing about starting a YouTube channel. Before you buy anything, you first need a concept for your channel. All good YouTube channels are part of a genre, and each video should have a common theme or style to it. For example, our channel is tech related tutorials. Week after week, our viewers come to expect a similar styled video on a new topic. This is a great way to engage your audience.

Whether you just want to Vlog your life or share a passion, like video games, fashion or music, you first need equipment.

What you Need to Start Your YouTube Channel

A Camera

To make videos you will need a camera. If you’re on a very low budget, you can start with your smartphone. You can get decent video – but you might not have the storage for longer videos. So, if you’re just shooting short videos, it should be fine.

If you want to upgrade, you can invest in a DSLR camera. Most new DSLR cameras shoot video – quality video. You will get clear pictures and better sound than your phone can offer.

There are also smaller digital video cameras that are better than your phone, but not as expensive as a DSLR.

Audio equipment

While your camera’s microphone should work fine, if you want a more polished, better sounding video, you should use microphones. Whether you have a microphone attached to the camera or a separate piece of equipment will be up to you.


If you’re Vlogging, your background will be whatever is around you at the time. But, if you’re video genre requires more of a set, you might want to come up with an interesting background for your videos.

To start, when you have a low budget, you can just you a blank wall in your home. Some people like to pose in front of a bookshelf with interesting decor scattered about.

If your channel takes off, and you get more clicks and views, you could invest in a backdrop. You can pull down different backgrounds to suit the mood of your video. If you have the space, have a dedicated filming room that is always set up to film in.


Unless you are purposely filming in the dark for dramatic effect, always film your videos in a well lit room. To start, you can use overhead light and lamps lighting you from the front. Never film in front of a window, as it will backlight you. You can invest in some inexpensive lighting solutions, such as a ring light. They sell them on Amazon and most electronic stores.

YouTube Video Editing Software

For professional looking videos, you will want to get some sort of video editing software. Some computers come with basic software, which is perfect for beginners.

You can look into some other options as your channel grows. When you edit you can add music, transitions between shots and intros and outros. You can also make thumbnails for your videos to help them stand out.

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