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Fun, yet Practical Desk Gadgets

desk gadgets

Not all desk gadgets are junk, some are very useful. Just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Whether you’re heading back to the office to work, or you’re working from home, these items will make your desk look great, while serving a purpose. Fun (but practical) Desk Gadgets   Desk Vacuum …

Running a Hybrid Workplace

hybrid workplace

In the post-pandemic world, we will have workers who want to come back to the office and workers who don’t, and then some who will want a mix of both – this is the hybrid workplace. Hybrid offices are the future of workplaces, as it allows employees to work in the way that suits them …

10 Facts about Microsoft


Like it or not, Microsoft has shaped the way we use computers and interact with technology. We’ve all used it to simplify our daily lives – from word processing to operating our entire computer! While some of these facts might be known to you, others might be surprising. 10 Interesting Facts about Microsoft 1. The …