Fun, yet Practical Desk Gadgets

Not all desk gadgets are junk, some are very useful. Just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Whether you’re heading back to the office to work, or you’re working from home, these items will make your desk look great, while serving a purpose.

Fun (but practical) Desk Gadgets


Desk Vacuum

Admit it, you snack at your desk. You might even take your midday meal there, too. You’re not alone. That said, you probably don’t want to leave behind any evidence. But somehow, little crumbs end up on the surface of your desk and between your keys on your keyboard. This is why a desk vacuum is the ultimate solution. Desk vacuums are as decorative as they are practical. They’re small enough to slip into a drawer when not in use.

A Daylight Desk Lamp

Office workers, especially those without a window, suffer from lack of natural light. This is a problem, especially during the winter months. Fortunately, you can replicate daylight with specialized lamps and lightbulbs. Fight off Seasonal Effective Disorder (S.A.D.) with proper lighting. Having better light can perk you up and help you get through your tasks much more efficiently.

Smart Clock/Calendar

A smart clock with a calendar feature can help you stay on top of your tasks, while reminding your of your appointments. Never lose track of time and miss a deadline again. Link up your calendar app on your phone to ensure all your obligations are met. These clocks are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing to look at and easy to read. Some even have other features, like the weather.

Phone Charging Mat

Phone charging mats are getting more and more common now. Companies are now making these desk gadgets more attractive looking, adding a touch of luxury to your office space. They now come in nice finishes, such as faux leather to add to their appeal. Keep your devices charged while you work without having to plug them into a USB or outlet.

Desk Air Conditioner

Get a personal sized air conditioner unit for your desk to keep you cool on hot days, or when the office heat is blasting. You deserve to work in total comfort – especially if you’re working at home and don’t have central air.

Which one of these are you adding to your wish list?

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