Windows 9 is coming

windows-8-failWith the obvious failure of Windows 8 as I’ve predicted from the beginning, it’s another Vista.  XP was great! Vista failed, Windows 7 was awesome! Windows 8 failed!  The 8.1 update was not what some where expecting.  There was no return of the traditional start menu which is the biggest issue for most people.  For main stream users, we need a desktop that works.  If we wanted a tablet, we’d buy a tablet.

Anyway, finally Microsoft leaked information that they have plans for what maybe Windows 9, code named: Threshold, in April 2015.  Some rumours are floating around whether or not it maybe a Free upgrade, or a very inexpensive upgrade.  Maybe a patch for Windows 8.2 or 8.3 even, but the big kicker will be if people are forced to pay for a Windows 9 upgrade after being forced into a Windows 8 computer due to the discontinued Windows XP and sales being stopped on Windows 7.  Obviously Microsoft didn’t pick up on the fact that Windows 8 was a complete failure like Vista when they came out with 8.1 thinking it would make any difference at all.

Anyway, if you do have Windows 8 or 8.1 (which there are no real visual differences even though motherboard manufactures must provide two different CDs.  One for Windows 8 and one for 8.1) there are free hacks you can download to make some version of a start menu appear.  They are not Windows, and they are not perfect, but it’s a huge improvement over what Microsoft left out.  An example is

If you have Windows XP still, you need to upgrade immediately and can not afford the risk waiting for who knows how long before Windows 9 finally comes out.  You can purchase refurbished computers with Windows 7 still, and some system builders like Twinbytes can build you a brand new computer with Windows 7 rather than 8.1 which is all in the stores.

In the mean time, let’s all say a prayer for Microsoft, or it’s off to the Apple store. 🙁  Or there’s always Linux! 🙂