How to Search effectively in Windows 7

Windows 7 Search

Windows 7 has a great search feature that searches your entire computer for files including in your emails, all at the same time.  Sometimes you get too many results in too many locations and you already have an idea where the file maybe located, so you want to narrow down your search results.  Here’s how.

Search options

After you start typing in the start menu, the name of the file, it starts giving you some possible results, but it’s not what you want.  Just above it, click the link “See more results”.  It will open a window like My Computer and show you more results, however it may still not look much different.  At the bottom of that window you will see  options (like in above image) “Search again in” and you have options to choose from a few locations.  Select “Custom”.  You will then get the following screen where you can choose from folders and sub-folders to narrow down your search locations.

Search locations

Check the folder or subfolder(s) you want to search in, then click OK.  You will see your search results filtered down dramatically.  Hopefully you’ve now found your file.