Outlook 2013 – First things you might want to know

Goodbye Microsoft Outlook 2010, hello Outlook 2013.  Each upgrade seems to have some cool new fetaures and looks but also can be frustrating trying to find things and get it to how you like it.  First things I noticed I had to try and turn certain features back on.

Here’s a list of the top things you might want to adjust in Outlook 2013

  1. Add Outlook calendar and tasks to the right side.  Easily done via View – ToDo Bar and check on Calendar.  One annoyance is a bug that still needs to be fixed.  The calendar upcoming appointments only show todays upcoming appointments.  It doesn’t show future days appointments like Outlook 2010 did.  This is a bug to be fixed still.
  2. POP UP on reply and forwarding messages.  First time I hit reply on Outlook 2013, instead of opening a new window, it embeded it in the Outlook reading pane.  That’s fine if you have a huge monitor, but for those who have a smaller screen, it sucks.  Click on “POP OUT” in the top left corner of that window to make it a separate window.
    To make it the permanent default, go to File, options, Mail, scroll down to “replies and forwards” and put a check mark on “Open replies and forwards in a new window”.
  3. Default contacts view.  If you’re like me and have two PST files.  Actually one IMAP email and one local PST file.  My local PST has my contacts while the IMAP only holds email.  Ofcourse the IMAP is the default account for send/receiving email, so Outlook assumes that’s the default calendar and contacts view, even though it couldn’t accept calendar and contacts to syncronize.
    Another bug possibly to be fixed later but works fine if you have just one PST file.

That’s the important ones for now that I noticed that are important to me.  Bottom line, don’t rush into getting the latest version, unless you have no choice and purchasing software anyway, might as well be the latest.  In general, never purchase the latest version right away as there are always some bugs to work out.