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Hire a Local IT Professional

IT professional

When you hire a local IT professional rather than someone from a large corporation, such as a big box store, you’re doing more than just solving your problem. When you support small local businesses in your own community you’re helping the owner, which in turn helps the local economy.

You want to spend money where you live. This means your neighbourhood gets to thrive, as businesses stay open and the community remains vibrant.

Daniel Gauthier, owner and operator of TwinBytes, turned his side hustle into a fulltime gig and has enjoyed years of helping individuals, families and businesses with their computer and networking issues.

3 Reasons to Support a Local IT Professional

  1. Excellent customer service. This one is a big one! When you’re dealing directly with the owner of the business, you’re going to get incredible customer service. This is his livelihood, so he’s going to do his very best to keep you happy as a client. In big box stores or with 1-800 numbers, you might be dealing with an employee who isn’t an expert and won’t necessarily give you the best advice.
  2. No Middle man. Everyone has dealt with calling tech support and getting the run around as your put on hold for hours and transferred to different departments. Cut out the middlemen and go directly to an expert. When you deal with TwinBytes, you’re talking to a real human who can solve your problem.
  3. Supporting a Small Business. This is worth repeating! When you take your business to a local IT professional you are keeping money in your own community. You’re supporting a local business that needs help now more than ever. Large corporations have access to supports to stay afloat during hard times – small businesses do not. IT assistance is essential during a pandemic. We are working hard for you!

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