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Back-to-School: Tech for Success

It’s back-to-school time! And while technology takes a lot of heat for distracting students (i.e. too much screen time), there is some tech worth investing in to help kids, teens and young adults do better in school.

Some of the suggestions on this list are new, while other are old favourites that you can either finally splurge on or upgrade.

Back-to-School Tech to Look for

Wireless chargers and power banks – Charge electronics and other tech using portable chargers and power banks. This is great for high school and post-secondary students who take transit or who want to study or do homework in a quiet place that might not have power outlets.

Wireless, noise-cancelling headphones – Again, more for older students (grade 8 to university/college). Some students have a hard time focussing with ambient noise in the background. Loud cafeterias or dorm room hallways or loud households can really make homework time hard. Put on some calming music and put on some noise-cancelling headphones for a distraction-free environment.

Smart alarm clock – Sure, students use their phones as alarm clocks, but if you want to limit screen time, but still have them wake up for school, a smart clock is a great solution. The smart clock can sync to the phone and integrate alerts from your calendar.

Anti-theft backpack – For students carrying brand new laptops or tablets to school this fall, get a anti-theft backpack with a compartment for a computer. A good anti-theft backpack will feature a lock, strong materials and a protective barrier to prevent scanning.

Digital notebook – Some students still prefer to take notes by hand – writing using a pen and paper. The trouble is those notes remain on the paper unless you scan them to a computer. A digital notebook allows you to write notes and then uploads them to a device.

The latest anti-virus software – Did you know that TwinBytes can get your kids’ computers set up with with our recommended anti-virus software. Kids often click on links and pop-ups and download harmful viruses or malware onto the machine. Prevent it by proactively adding security software to all family members’ computers!

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