Residential services

Although our primary services are geared towards businesses, we understand that behind every business are people, and people live in homes.  So we like to help you with your computer repairs, setup, troubleshooting.

If you’re experiencing any kind of problems with your computer or laptop whether it be hardware or software, we can help you in a few ways.  We can go onsite which is required when issues involve your network such as wireless problems or printing issues.  Bringing your computer into our shop can save you money having a flat rate repair and is required when it’s a highly involved job such as difficult virus removals, hard drive replacements or complete system re installations.

We like open source software and happy to recommend free software that works well rather than try to sell you on something when you are not a business and therefore not making money on it.  It’s been said, for every paid computer program there are at least 10 free alternatives.  If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office you should check out which is easy to use and 100% compatible with all versions of Microsoft office.

Do you have young kids that are at the age to start learning with a computer?  Don’t want them to use your computer and infect it with viruses or crash it somehow?  We could get you a really inexpensive refurbished laptop or desktop computer.

Do you need some parental controls setup?  We have a few options for you.  Do you have old VHS movies you want converted to digital?  We can help you with that too.