Samsung stricks back! Take that Apple!

I was right!  I predicted it in my article after Apple sued Samsung for copyright  infringement and won.  Apple doesn’t manufacture all the parts that go into the Apple iPhone!  They outsource to suppliers for the various parts.  Some things they may make themselves including the operating system, but otherwise they need to rely on good healthy business partnerships.

After reading this article about Samsung not supplying screens to Apple anymore, I thought, I was right!  I predicted this!  Poor ignorant Apple, of course they want to protect their copyrights, but they sued their main supplier for their screens and now that supplier (Samsung) doesn’t want to provide the screens to Apple anymore.  They don’t say it is because of that, but the timing is a huge co-incidence.  🙂

The other side of the story is that Apple is squeezing the profit margin for Samsung so much, they just can’t do business with them anymore.  I’m sure that was just the icing on the cake to give Samsung a reason to stop doing business with Apple.  Sure, Apple can probably use another LCD screen provider for their phones, but after all these headlines, I wonder who is going to want to do business with Apple now?  Also, Apple will have to raise their prices on the iPhones in order to keep their suppliers happy by paying them what they want for their screens.

I don’t know about you, but when I switch from my Blackberry to another smartphone, I’m seriously looking at Samsung as my new Smartphone.