Youtube – can’t get upload button to appear in Windows 7 – Resolved

When trying to upload a video on Youtube to your Youtube channel, it just doesn’t work.  You see the button to click “Upload” which it should then give you another button to select your video to upload.  The problem is it has the Java symbols spinning round and round for an endless amount of time and doesn’t go any further.  With the new AVG 2011 it has an issue.  There seems to be an issue and there’s nothing I could find in the Youtube forums, so I decided to write this article incase others are searching for a solution as well.
The answer to solve this is within the link scanner in AVG.  The easy solution is to temporarily disable the “Surf Shield”.  Open AVG, double click on “Link Scanner”, uncheck “Enable Surf-Sheild”, click save changes, close AVG interface.  Now you can upload videos.  This also works for other Java enabled online games and services such as Webkinz.  My kinds couldn’t login to their Webkinz game until I did this same fix.