Windows 8 – What is it going to be like?

Although Windows 7 was so totallly awesome in many peoples eyes, Microsoft isn’t stopping there.  Ofcourse they aren’t.  Are you kidding?  They had XP pretty good then screwed up with Vista, but totally came back with Windows 7!  Now, what can we expect with Windows 8?  Are they going to screw up again?  I’ll tell you a little what I know, but it’s best to try it on a non critical business computer first, or try it at home before at work.  Below is a video straight from Microsoft so you can hear what they have to say about it.  Keep reading below this video.

The new Windows 8 is looking like more fancy that productivity, but it does seem to be designed in a way to make things move faster and multitask more effectively.  Very cool for personal use, and seems that it may be more productive for business.  However, as you can see in the Youtube video above, they explain that Windows 7 apps can run side by side with Windows 8 apps.  What does this mean exactly?  Does that mean they are different platform of applications which Windows 7 apps such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and other business applications are not going to benefit from the Windows 8 operating system?  If this is the case, there may be very little benefit for businesses to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 8 if only Windows 8 apps run faster.  However, they do show how you can run various apps side by side.  It is looking good.  I haven’t personally had time to get my hands on Windows 8 yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to write about my personal experience with it as well as a video sample.

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