Windows 10 overview

Microsoft has finally fixed all the things we hated (or at least as far as I’m concerned) from Windows 8 with the soon to be released Windows 10. Have a look at our 8 1/2 minute YouTube video, showcased in this article.

Please note that regardless of what features are here or missing, by the time Windows 10 is ready to release to the public, many more changes could be made.  For the most part you can get a good impression of who Windows 10 is starting to look.  Hopefully you’re as impressed as I am.

Problems with Windows 8 fixed in Windows 10

  1. The annoying start menu splash screen is gone.  But they kept part of it.
  2. Apps don’t force full screen mode with an almost impossible way to close them anymore.
  3. Tapping to side of screen accidentally doesn’t open other options accidentally anymore.  They just don’t open at all.

New changes in Windows 10 you may like

  1. Start menu almost completely normal like it was in Windows 7.  The start menu now opens like the old start menu, but with something extra.  The tiles are now in the start menu, but at least it doesn’t open full screen like it used to, although you have the option to do it if you wanted to.  Even if you chose to go full screen, it includes a scrollable list of applications installed for your convenience.
  2. Pin to start option is almost irrelevant now, since the start menu is back in it’s original form so to speak.  They still had to keep Apps.
  3. Tablet mode is a new feature so rather than being forced to use Windows on a laptop or desktop like you would on a tablet, you can use it normally, but if you decide to switch to tablet mode, you can.
  4. Something for Mac users who need a pc on the side; now Microsoft offers “TaskView” which is multiple desktops.  Basically, you can have a bunch of programs or files open, then you can open a whole separate empty desktop to have another totally separate set of programs and documents open.  You can have several different desktops if you’re a real power user.
  5. Like mentioned above in “Problems fixed…” Apps open like regular programs now where you can maximum, minimize, and easily close them.

Things you might not like in Windows 10

  1. The only thing I can find I don’t like is the built in web search on the task bar currently forces you to use Bing, which is understandable being Microsoft, but I don’t see any way to change the default web search provider to Google or anything else.  However, if you use your web browser you can still change the default search engine in there.

Some technicial detail, the computer I tested on was a DELL Latitude E4200 Intel Core2Duo 1.6Ghz with 3GB RAM and a 128GB SSD hard drive (Solid State)

From completely off, the computer booted up fully to the desktop ready to use in 30 seconds.
To shut down completely off to 9 seconds.