Want to Make Movies?

Did you watch the Oscar’s last night and release it’s your dream to make movies? Do you have creative ideas, a keen eye for good shots and endless drive and passion? Are you just a regular person with a regular job with a regular salary?

If so, you probably don’t have the funds for professional equipment. That’s okay, you can still make movies! Today’s technology is so advanced that average people can get decent cameras and editing software to at least get you started. Every artist has to start somewhere!

Make Movies, Easy

If you need a reasonable camera for some low-budget filmmaking, stay away from the 4K cameras (for now). These are pricy, and when you’re just starting out, you don’t need to blow your whole budget on the camera.

For something under $1,000 Canadian, check out something like the Panasonic LUMIX G7. This camera can be used to take still photographs, but also shoot quality video. Since you’re an beginner, staying under $1,000 is a good idea. Cameras can get very pricy and you don’t want to invest in something high end until you’re certain about your passion and talent.

To upgrade your starter camera, you can improve the audio by purchasing a camera-mounted microphone. You want to be able to pick up better sound, so adding a mic will really improve your quality without added too much to your budget.

Film Editing Software

Once you’ve shot the footage you have to actually turn it into a movie. Film editing is one of the most important aspects of making movies, so you want to make sure you have the right programs to do it. You want user friendly programs that will give you the results you’re looking for.

Adobe Premiere Pro is affordable, user-friendly and quality. If you are already a Mac user, your machine might come with iMovie installed, which is a good option, as well.

Before you start, watch YouTube tutorials on how to use these programs to their full potential.

Back it Up

If you make a lot of videos or start working on feature-length projects, you will need external hard drives to store your movies. These can be huge files and you don’t want to overload your computer’s main hard drive and risk a crash.

TwinBytes can help you back up your hard drive or recommend software and operating system upgrades. Contact us today!