Virus alert – my girlfriend’s self-view video

If you receive the following email it’s obviously a virus because of the link to girls.exe which the sender made no effort to hide.  This is very old school and anyone that clicks on this and gets a virus doesn’t know the basics of being safe with emails.  Yes, you can get a virus through an email and the emails link to websites and websites can store anything.  Here’s the message:

Subject: my girlfriend’s self-view video
From: someone you know

Message: Please download and watch my girlfriend’s self-view video

After reading, please reply me…..Very exciting.

That was the message.  Always be careful of what you click on in your emails and on the web.  Even if you have anti-virus, anti-virus protection is not enough anymore.  There’s several things you need to do to protect yourself.  If you have a business and you’d like to protect yourself, contact for more information on monthly preventative maintenance.