Top Tech Gifts for Father’s Day to Buy

Father’s Day is tomorrow, but if you need a last minute gift idea for Dad – check out our tech-related suggestions! If he doesn’t need another necktie, get him a gadget or tech accessory for his special day.

A Power Bank

If your dad’s phone is always dead when he’s out and about, or his tablet runs out of power when he leaves the house, get him a power bank. A power bank is something you can charge up at home, then carry it with you to keep your devices running, even when you’re away from an outlet. Great for weekend camping trips and public transit.

Dad will always be a phone call (or text) away if you know his phone is fully charged!

A Sturdy Phone Case

If your dad is clumsy and accident prone, get him a phone case and/or screen protector to save his phone damage. Whether he drops the phone, or it falls out of his pocket, you want to make sure it stays intact and scratch-free!

Bluetooth Speakers

From waterproof shower speakers to a high quality set for the living room, wireless speakers are perfect for the music loving dad. He can play music through his phone, tablet or computer. Another benefit of these speakers is that they’re portable. You can take them outside, upstairs or to the cottage!

GoPro Camera

If your dad likes to travel or take part in some extreme hobbies, a GoPro Camera is a great way for him to capture the moment. GoPros can be strapped to your head for action shots or attached to a drone for aerial views.

Activity Tracker Watch

If your dad wants to achieve 10,000 steps per day, help him reach his goal with an activity tracker watch. He can link the watch to his computer to check his progress and achievements overtime.

Convert Home Movies to DVD

Do you have old home movies on VHS that you treasure? Surprise Dad by having them converted to DVD. Spend Father’s Day watching and laughing together. TwinBytes in Markham offers VHS conversion services. Give us a call. It might be too late for Father’s Day tomorrow, but you can always do it after.

Tech Support

Lastly, if your dad is always calling you with questions about his computer or phone, maybe get him some professional tech support. If your dad needs help getting his printer working, or the internet is slow and lagging, or he needs a software upgrade, call TwinBytes in Markham for our residential computer services.