Top 12 reasons you shouldn’t switch to an Apple Mac

There’s many articles on top reasons to switch to either a mac or to a PC.  I have to say I’m in favor of a PC just because of the overall reasons, and the top 3 reasons are my main reasons.  The rest of the reasons are in no particular order.  I will however give my unbiased opinion and based on what I’ve read in other articles, I’m taking the most relevant reasons.  There’s articles on upto the top 50 reasons, I’ve condensed it to a solid 12 reasons rather than 50 comparisons in how Microsoft and Apple are the same.  Chris Pirillo’s first reason to switch to a mac, for example, is really poor.  His first reason is the future of Windows is designed more for business rather than the home user.  I totally disagree.  The PC allows for the best flexibility no mater what you want to do, where a Mac is very strict as to what it can run.  You can’t do gaming on a Mac like you can with a PC.  Most people that use a mac have a PC as well, or they will have a PC interface built into the mac, so they can run those games.  So Chris’ #1 reason to switch to a Mac is actually the biggest reason to switch to a PC.  🙂
Here’s the link to Chris’ reasons which I am basing my article on.

Here’s the top reasons to switch or stay with a PC with the top 3 being my favorite.  All my reasons are facts and legit reasons, not my personal opinions.  Alot of reasons people write as reasons to switch to a Mac is saying that the Mac can now do what a PC can do.  It’s not enough reason to switch to something else when it just gives the same features of what you already have.  You’re just simply switching computers to get the exact same as what you already have, so I will simply leave out anything that is the same or irrelevant.

  1. Mac is more expensive.  There’s arguments both ways, so let me lay out the facts.  a Laptop and PC can be purchased from $700 where a Macbook starts from $1,000 and a mini is $700 but doesn’t include anything besides a CD drive.  To get the full deal you need a iMac which goes from $1,300 and if you want it to be able to do almost everything a PC can do, you’re looking at spending $2,600 or more for a Mac Pro.
  2. Mac is more stable but that is because they don’t allow just any software to be installed on it which is also a reason people don’t want a Mac.  People can’t install just any program on a Mac.
  3. Mac can get viruses too.  PC’s are the worst for viruses because you can get a virus by simply just connecting your computer to the Internet.  A Mac will only get a virus typically if you click on a link from an email or on a website to actively launch the virus.  The funny thing is, most viruses are installed by users who download pirated software, etc.    So anyone who says Mac’s don’t get viruses and don’t need virus protection, they are full of it!  Macs are only less prone to viruses.
  4. As Chris goes on in his reasons to switch to a Mac.  His #2 reason is Macs easily go to sleep when you close the laptop lid and wake up when you open it.  Ummm, My Windows 7 laptop does the same.  So there is no difference there.
  5. Both Macs and Microsoft Windows require security updates on a regular basis to help protect against security risks and improve stability.  So this is not a positive or negative for either.  Regardless how the updates are distributed, they are both done regularly.
  6. There’s a way to do everything on both the Mac and the PC.  The only thing is it’s easier on a PC because it can do it all.  With a Mac you need to use a Virtual PC within the Mac.  It’s cheaper than having two computers which alot of people do.  They have a Mac and a PC because they serve different purposes.  Not that one is better than the other over all, although I favor the PC overall.  If the Mac can do everything a PC can do and more, why do they need virtual PC?  I’m just saying…
  7. When it comes to Apple products in general – which Chris talks about in his #12 reason, I’ve met 1 person that loves his iPhone for business and hated his Blackberry having nothing but problems with it.  I’ve met a few people I know that tried iPhone and they found it’s more glamor than business functionality and had too many issues with it.  They loved the Blackberry previously, tried the iPhone, hated it, and went back to Blackberry.  I know many kids that have an iPhone though, and they love it and can’t imagine being without it.  So when it comes to business, Blackberry is the one, when it comes to person use, or kids, iPhone is very cool!  So the question you need to ask yourself is, do you want what’s cool, or do you want a functional business device?
  8. Regardless of how you backup, with a PC or a Mac, your computer could crash in a way that you can’t use system restore, time machine, or any other special feature to get up and running again.  You’ll have to fresh install Windows or Mac again then reload your data from a regular backup that you’ve done at some point.  Oh, and I thought I heard Mac’s never crash anyway…lol
  9. You never need to defrag a Mac’s hard drive!  OK, that’s a benefit for the Mac, but is it really a reason to pay more money for a computer that you have to replace every 3-5 years anyway, not to mention the learning curve, and help transitioning from a PC and troubleshooting the Virtual PC when it has issues?  OK, I’m repeating myself a bit here, but that’s what everyone’s arguments seem to be, repetitive. With Windows 7 it defrags itself automatically, if you have XP, I’ve made a video on how to automate disk defragmenter ( )
  10. Almost all video and audio formats can be played on a Mac?  I haven’t seen a video or audio format than can’t be played on a PC.  Maybe that’s because you can install just about any application on a PC.
  11. Alot of the comparisons seem to be towards Windows Vista, which many of us know was one of the worst systems Microsoft has ever designed since Windows ME.  But Windows 7 came out shortly after and is awesome!  Even Apples commercials changed since Windows 7 came out, from “best product” to “best in customer service”.  For some reason they are not claiming to have a better product anymore.  Microsoft commercials now are “Windows 7 was my idea”.  Makes you wonder.
  12. Point #50 from Chris saying “Windows users need Macs software more than Mac users need Microsoft software”.  That’s not true in my experiences, complete opposite.  An obvious example is why does Apple have a virtual PC to run Windows on the Mac but Microsoft doesn’t run Mac on the PC.  Microsoft users might use iTunes and other Apple products, but that’s because of marketing.  Mac however has a version of Microsoft Office which is a major software suite to run a business with.  So when it comes to critical business software, it’s the opposite of what Chris said.  Microsoft software is required more on both the PC and Mac.  Microsoft Outlook for email, PowerPoint for presentations, Word and Excel for documents.

So I guess this is really confusing for many people trying to see is it worth switching to a Mac.  50 reasons to switch to a Mac really isn’t 50 reasons to switch, it’s reasons to stay with a PC or switch to a PC from a Mac, and just compairisons on how many things Apple and Microsoft do the same.  Which makes it a neutral statement rather than a reason to switch.

Here’s the bottom line.  Reasons to switch to a Mac include: Better reliability because less prone to crashing and less prone to viruses (note it is less prone, not full proof).  Reasons to stick with a PC, less costs on hardware, more access to freeware, and more options available for any software you want to run.  Microsoft makes it easy to integrate with anything.

Microsoft seems like the monopoly right now, but if Apple takes over, there’s no more building your own computer, choosing your own parts, have a clone computer.  Apple is not only the operating system, they control the hardware too.  That means alot of hardware companies will be going out of business.  🙁  Apple is the real monopoly waiting to happen.