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Standing Desk – Is it Right For You?

Standing desk

A standing desk is a taller table or work space that allows the user to stand rather than sit to work. This topic has been trending the past few years due to reports of the adverse health affects of sitting all day.

While you might be keen to get in on the latest health trend, it’s important to do your research before making the decision to change your work station.

The Benefits of the Standing Desk

Aside from the obvious “it’s bad to sit all day,” argument, there are several other reasons to consider making the switch to a standing desk.

For one, standing stretches out your body, which can help to reverse the pain you get from sitting.

Many also claim that you’re more productive when standing and feel more awake and alert.

The Drawbacks of  Standing Desks

There isn’t a lot of research that supports standing over sitting. In fact, standing all day can be just as uncomfortable.

Working with a straight back and arms at 90 degrees can be achieved with a quality office chair positioned properly.

It also doesn’t make sense in a traditional shared work space, having desks of all heights.

The Compromise

The bottom line is that you should not be stuck sitting or standing all day long. Work places need to be more fluid to allow for more movement of workers.

If working at a desk all day is necessary to your job, you can try a convertible desk. This has a moveable top that can be put into a standing or seated position throughout the day. You can also try other desk chairs to maximize your comfort.

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