Choosing a Desk Chair for Your Home Office

Choosing a desk chair might seem like a simple task, but not all chairs are created equal! You have to consider comfort, price, durability, quality, size and style. Choosing the most expensive chair won’t necessarily deliver the best results for you.

You may have been getting by just fine with the chair you’ve been using in your home office for the last seven months, but if working from home will be a long-term thing, you might be due for an upgrade. Look at the size of your space, the type of desk you’re working at, the style of the room and your own physical needs before deciding.

Tips for Choosing a Desk Chair for your Home Office


Above all else, your personal comfort needs to be considered when purchasing an office chair. Look for lumbar support, adjustable backs and armrests, seat cushions and adjustable heights. Your arms need to be able to rest comfortably at level with the desk for typing and your feet need to be able to touch the floor (though a foot rest can be placed to achieve this). For some people, breathable materials are important to prevent sweating.


Most offices have health and safety standards when it comes to the kinds of desk chairs they allow. Office chairs often recline, so the base or wheels needs to be stable to prevent tipping. Chairs with five caster wheels is best. Many argue that sitting for long periods of time is bad for our health, which is why you need to find the safest chair possible.


Your home office might be large and spacious or small and compact. In fact, it might not be it’s own room at all, but rather a corner of a room. Canadian office workers have homes of all shapes and sizes, so you need to purchase a desk chair that fits your space. Choosing a smaller chair might mean sacrificing some other features, so choose wisely. You can still find smaller chairs that are comfortable and safe – you just have to look closely and evaluate each option.


While style , in terms of aesthetics, is the least important factor when choosing a chair for your home office, it’s still one you can consider. Once upon a time all office chairs were black upholstered in textured plastic-like fabric or a faux leather. And while neutral chairs still dominate the market, there are more options than ever before. There are mesh-back chairs, and chairs in bright colours and patterns. It is  possible to buy a chair today that can check all your health and safety boxes while also fitting into your home’s décor.

Alternative chairs

Not everyone wants the standard swivel desk chair on wheels. Today’s consumers have options like never before. Many choose to use a stability ball rather than a proper chair. Since you cannot lean back, this type of seat activates your core and back muscles. Some people choose to forgo having a chair at all by using a standing desk. If you get a convertible desk, you can switch between different chair types throughout the day.

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