SOLVED: Can ping server by IP and name but can’t browse

Solution after much searching around and everyone says check IP settings, DNS, WINS, hard code your IP address, run ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns, etc. etc.  I tried alot of things and nothing worked.  The problem was I could ping my clients server via name and IP address but can’t browse.  The error message was: Error “Windows cannot access *****.  Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose.  I hit Diagnose and it can’t find a problem. Error code: 0x80004005  Unspecified error.

I wasn’t prompted for a username and password because I was already logged into the domain successfully.  I tried logging in as the domain administrator and I was able to browse the server and map drives successfully.  I then went back into the main user account and still had a problem.

So I know it’s a problem with the user account.  I tried net use command with elevated privileges in cmd prompt and it was successful.  Code was net use Z: \ServerNamefolder /user:domainusername password  It didn’t map the drive in Windows, but it did in DOS.  So I deleted the mapped drive and tried via Windows.  I was then prompted for the username and password.  The interesting thing was it was a credential manager software program which had an email address prefilled in rather than the users username.

I corrected the username, enter the password and it works.  I knew it was something with the Fingerprint reader and/or password manager in the Lenovo laptop.  I uninstalled the password manager and was still a problem initially but later worked getting around the Fingerprint reader as I mentioned earlier.  My client then searched around install instructions on Lenovos website, which has an interesting screenshoot, as I copied here, which is not searchable text because it is an image.  I’ll spell it out below the image, but you can also find the full document here:

Lenovo Fingerprint reader issue with domain

Above image reads:  Server support for IBM fingerprint software

The IBM fingerprint software is intended for local use only.  Third-party software suppliers provide fingerprint server software.  The server software typically provides the following functionality:

-Provides centralized administration and management of fingerprints for corporate users (the Server Passport).

-Allows Windows Domain users to use their fingerprints as logon credentials at any PC that is equipped with an IBM fingerprint sensor and IBM fingerprint software, without previously enrolling their fingerprints on that PC.

-Third-party software suppliers are responsible for support of their software.

That’s the end of the note which appears during the installation.  Most of use install software and don’t read the fine print during install.  This is one of those screens which may be helpful, although it doesn’t clearly say “Don’t use this if you are on a domain network”.  Instead it sounds like more of a suggestion.

My advice is if you’ve tried the DNS, WINS, ipconfig /flushdns, etc. and none of that is allowing you to browse your network when you can ping by name and ip address, check for any password management software and fingerprint reader software.  Disable and/or remove the software programs and you may find it works.