SOLVED: Hard drive mysteriously full out of no where. Right before my eyes.

My last blog as posted below shows part of the solution to a problem thousands are reporting online but no one seems to have an answer for it.  Many people saying they had a problem with their hard drive mysteriously getting full, out of no where, right before their eyes!  I found that it was folder duplication, but the problem was to find where it was.  If you right click on each folder, you would expect it to tell you which folder has how many files and sub-folders, etc.  It doesn’t report the actual number which is what makes this impossible to find.  There is a way to find out where the problem is exactly, but then the next step is how to delete all those files.

Some cases, it’s the computer itself that got a virus and is recreating the folders, in that case you might need to format the drive.  But if you have more than one computer in your office or home, that other computer could be the culprit, which was my experience with a client of mine.  We had to clean the 2nd computer that was causing the problem and remove the duplicates from the main computer.

Part of the trick was finding where those files where that were duplicated, which at the time, we didn’t know where duplicates.  We just knew there were lots of files taking space somewhere, but when you right click each folder, it doesn’t tell us the true size of the folder because it’s hidden the actual count.  Even with show hidden files turned, on etc. that didn’t help at all.  There are several free programs online which can show how many files are where on your computer.  Some work, some don’t.  I found one that worked and was able to tell me where the huge folder was with sub-folders taking 300GB of unnecessary space.

Using the program in my previous tip, we solved the problem by removing those duplicates.  Many blogs and forums are talking about checking other settings, etc but those answers are all wrong, since the question was “The hard drive filled up right before my eyes”.  System restore points and things like that happen over time, not over night, and especially not right before your eyes.

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