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RESOLVED: HP laserjet 1018 print spooler stops when printing scanned PDF’s

I’ve seen many solutions posted for this issue and some work for some people, and some are temporary fixes. Fixes I’ve tried in the past were temporary. The issue is HP laserjet 1000 series printers like 1018 and 1012 are not compatible with PDF documents using Adobe PDF reader if they are scanned documents.

Many people including myself banged their head against the wall to find a solution, only to later realize, hey! This happens on XP, Vista and Windows 7. The only common denominators are the HP printer and Adobe. We don’t want to switch the printer, so why don’t we look for another PDF reader? Ding! The lightbulb went off! I found a PDF reader that is free, fast and it works. The printer spooler doesn’t freeze anymore when we print those type of scanned PDF’s.

The name of the PDF program is Foxit. The direct link to their free PDF reader is but if that ever fails go directly to  and find the software download section and look for PDF reader. It’s a free alternative to Adobe PDF reader and I would have thought, why would anyone want a free alternative to a program that is already free and works? Well, in this case for many people Adobe PDF reader doesn’t work, and until they fix this, Foxit will get more market share.

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