Program to delete all sub folders directories with long names

Name too long to delete?  If you need to delete a huge amount of subfolders that have file names too long to delete and you can’t go through one by one deleting them all, you need a program that will delete them for you regardless of the length of the name.  I found a software program that lets you do this.  It has a free trial, but it’s good enough to clean up that computer the one time you probably ever have to do it.  No need to purchase it, the free trial is enough to do the job. is the direct link to download this free trial of the software program.  It’s easy to install and use.  It gives you three trys and/or 15 days.  That’s long enough to do the job.  It was good enough for me to do for a client that had impossible to delete files in the thousands that were created by a virus.  Long story, but once I found the cause of the problem to be duplicate files in this directory, I simply deleted the directory along with all subdirectories and it worked with this program, freed up 300GB of space.

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